RV Centre WA has become exclusive agents for an all-new range of caravans built by a respected Australian caravan manufacturer.

The new brand, ‘Outdoor RV’ brings a new name to the market but behind it has a long-standing reputation for building caravans with high quality and durability.

RV Centre WA, based in Rockingham in WA, had been selling the Outdoor RV’s predecessor for three years.

RV Centre’s general sales manager Lou Van Daele said that when the opportunity arose to continue selling a product that he had “supreme confidence in” and under a whole new distribution model “we jumped at it.”

“Dealing direct with the factory takes the middleman out of the picture and so for the buyer, we can offer the same high-quality product with better range at a better price with more options included,” he said.

“It also means we can have a turnaround of about four months from the order.

“Because we now speak straight to the manufacturer, we can get exactly what the buyer wants. We researched our previous 180 buyers and looked at what they wanted in a caravan.

“We then took the best parts of what those 180 clients ordered and improved on them.

“Now we have put together different packages, including some with factory options that were previously not available, to suit a wide range of buyer requests.”

Mr Van Daele said that the Melbourne factory has offered RV Centre this exclusive range of caravans together with new names for the different models.

“The manufacture said ‘you name it, I’ll build it’ for the specifications and model names,” he said.

“So we came up with the name of the new brand and names for each model. Being bias to our WA home, it was only natural we gave them WA names.”

Mr Van Daele said that the smaller 18-foot single-axle model needed a unique name “so we picked Quokka.”

“We then thought about on-road points of interest around WA and came up with the on-road range under the name Wave Rock.

“A van model with a bit more off-road ability has been called the Margaret River.

“We now looked much further north where a van has to cope with more extremes including rougher roads and decided to call this the Broome.

“Next, we needed a top of the range with all the bells and whistles, so that became the Karijini and that’s our top-of-the-range super-deluxe van.”

In designing and specifying the new ‘Outdoor RV’ branded caravans for a new group of customers, RV Centre WA looked at what was needed to ensure the vans were better in all respects to the previous models.

“One of the starting points was to make the caravans lighter which makes them easier to manoeuvre and more economical to tow,” Mr Van Daele said.

“But paramount was to improve strength. So we decided on the honeycomb floor which is strong but much lighter than other flooring types.

“Lighting is very important to the holidaymaker in a caravan, so we specified state-of-the-art lithium batteries for durability, then added bug lights as standard.

“The batteries are perfect for the extra features, such as the electric awnings that are standard on the top-range Karijini, but also available on all models as a option.

“We have grey water tanks on all vans and solar panels are now 210amp (depending on the length of the van), up from 170amp previously.

“Even simple things like carpet in the tunnel boot to stop things sliding around have been thought about.

“That’s the result from having a strong client base and customers who return to us saying how much they enjoy their van and even find a couple of things they’d like to see improved.

“So now there’s a new range of modern caravans with all the features and ability and without any middleman having his hand in the customer’s pocket!”

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