What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Understanding your travel preferences is the key to finding the ideal RV that aligns with your lifestyle. Are you someone who cherishes the comforts of home or a daring adventurer seeking unexplored terrains? Let's explore the diverse world of RV enthusiasts.

Selecting the perfect camper, caravan, or motorhome can be a daunting task, given the abundance of options in the market. Your choice should reflect your unique travel style and personal preferences. While budget is a significant factor, don't overlook the importance of finding an RV that resonates with your sense of adventure and comfort.


For those who relish the great outdoors but prefer a touch of luxury, meet the Glampers. These enthusiasts seek the comforts of home even while surrounded by nature. They cherish 240V power, running water, and the convenience of household appliances. Glampers love to socialize, enjoying barbecues and chardonnay with fellow travellers. Whether in a caravan park or a suburban area, Glampers find joy in both the journey and the destination.

Glampers adore: Creature comforts; caravan park stays; well-equipped RVs.

Ideal RVs for Glampers: On-road caravans; hybrid campers with kitchens and cozy beds; motorhomes and campervans


Families seeking bonding experiences on the road belong to this category. Family Caravanners, comprising parents, grandparents, and kids, relish the joy of exploration together. Caravan parks become their playgrounds, where children learn social skills and create lifelong memories. Whether opting for on-road adventures or venturing off-grid, these families prioritize the shared experience of outdoor living.

Family Caravanners adore: Creating family memories; on-road and off-road adventures; exploring diverse locations.

Ideal RVs for Family Caravanners: Camper trailers with additional tents; spacious family bunk vans; vans with collapsible bunk beds; six-berth motorhomes with fixed beds


The term 'Nomad' encompasses a wide demographic, from retired adventurers to young families on extended journeys. Travelling Nomads are budget-conscious travellers who blend free camping with caravan park stays. They prioritize sustainable living and seek independence on the road. These individuals or families invest in solar panels, extra water tanks, and efficient battery systems for their RVs.

Travelling Nomads adore: Freedom of long-term touring; budget-friendly travel; self-sufficiency on the road.

Ideal RVs for Travelling Nomads: Caravans with enhanced batteries, water, and solar capacity; hybrid vans for remote off-roading; campervans and motorhomes for flexibility.


Meet the adventurers who push the boundaries of RV travel—the Serious Off-Grid Warriors. These intrepid explorers venture where few dare, tackling challenging terrains like Cape York and the Oodnadatta Track. They prioritize self-sufficiency, demanding full kitchen facilities, ample storage, and robust units capable of enduring rough roads. While they embrace off-grid living, they appreciate a few creature comforts, making their journeys both thrilling and comfortable.

Serious Off-Grid Warriors adore: Exploring remote tracks; off-grid living; well-equipped and durable RVs.

Ideal RVs for Serious Off-Grid Warriors: Purpose-built campers with advanced batteries, water, and solar; hybrids and off-road vans for extreme adventures

Regardless of your travel style, whether you're a Glamper, a Family Caravanner, a Travelling Nomad, or a Serious Off-Grid Warrior, there's an RV tailored to your preferences. From budget-friendly options to high-tech marvels, the world of RVs offers a diverse array of choices. 

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