Australian-made and Walkinshaw-designed Road Owl caravans get significant redesigns for the 2024 model year while retaining the two size formula to suit different holiday-maker needs.

The MY24 Road Owl will be available as a 19-foot bunk ensuite or a 21-foot bunk ensuite, both available in standard or Adventurer models.The Melbourne-based company said the new Road Owl has a family focus, with a double or triple bunk and ensuite caravans ensuring the whole family is covered.

MY24 Road Owl caravans get a stylish redesign of furniture and lighting that has eliminated the use of roof-mounted down lights, lifting the aesthetic with LED strip lighting.

The dining area has redesigned seats with more cushion depth and lumbar support and the kitchen gets a new microwave surround designed to keep the microwave safe and secure over bumpy roads.A recessed cooktop has been added to extend the use of the benchtop for more preparation area and more space.

There are also reading lights with three adjustable settings that accompany a new wireless charger for the bedroom area.

Both Adventurer models have had a suspension upgrade from Cruisemaster CRS2 to Cruisemaster all-terrain XT independent suspension, which comes as standard, combined with the Walkinshaw designed galvanised chassis.

Options include a 12-volt compressor (instead of the three-way fridge-freezer), a washing machine, oven, additional solar panels on the roof, a kitchen rubbish bin built into the cabinetry, and the smooth-look aluminium composite cladding on four sides of the van (upgrading from the standard two sides).All MY24 Road Owls will have the Bosch ‘tow assist’ electronic stability control fitted as standard to ensure the highest possible safety on the road, as well as lithium charger options on all four caravans for owners planning to taking the trip off-grid.

The range also has complete vehicle-type approval as per the upcoming Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) introduction.

The Australian Design Rules (ADRs), which are associated with the vehicle-type approvals, are national design rules that mandate minimum safety standards, dimensional requirements, structural requirements as well as performance and emission targets for all vehicles that are registered for travel on Australian roads.

The RVSA ensures that the process of building a New Age Caravan is documented and structured to ensure repeatability during the manufacturing process from start to finish.The MY24 Road Owl range will soon enter the production line at the New Age Caravans manufacturing facility in Epping, Victoria, with the first expected on the road in Q4 of this year, with prices starting from $83,390.

Road Owl managing director Chris Polites said: “We are delighted to launch the New Age Caravans MY24 Road Owl range to the public, which are available to purchase through New Age Caravan dealerships Australia wide today, with expected delivery in Q4 of this year.

“We’ve put a real family focus on the Road Owl range, with the bunk and ensuite standard in all four models. We think it provides families a fantastic caravan for wherever they want to go in Australia, at any time of year.

“The exterior looks fantastic, and the updated interior ensures we are continuing to provide a market leading option at a competitive price. The inclusions on the caravan, combined with the options available, means we’ve stepped the Road Owl up a level.

“The MY24 Road Owl is the first step of our next evolution here at New Age, and we are extremely excited about what the future holds. We can’t wait to see them right around Australia in the near future.”

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