One of Australia’s longstanding RV makers, Kimberley Kampers, celebrates 30 years in the business by unveiling a luxury-focused motorhome basd on a Mercedes-Benz platform.

The Kimberley Kruiswagon is built on a new Mercedes Sprinter frame with all-wheel drive. The RV manufacturer then adds a 50mm lift to give it even better off-road ability.

It said that the motorhome, which can be driven with a standard driver’s licence, is perfect for both first-time off roaders and well-travelled caravanners.

“The Kruiswagen marries comfort and capability for a first-class experience,” Kimberley Kampers said.

“It is designed to enhance sustainability without compromising amenities and fits easily in a standard driveway for a simple transition between work and play, or a combination of both.”

It has been designed and built in Australia with some heavyweight geography in mind, with the company stating that it is aimed at tackling the bush, beach and famous tracks such as the Gibb, Tanami and Strzelecki.

It is also design to fit into modern lifestyles. For example, it can integrate Starlink’s satellite access to the internet Australia-wide to give travellers world-class communications and entertainment and even allow people to work while holidaying.

Kimberley Kampers CEO James Cockburn said: “We are thrilled to unveil the Kruiswagen, a motorhome that blends luxury, versatility, and off-road capabilities like never before.

“With its exceptional features and cutting-edge technology, the Kruiswagen is the perfect companion for those who seek the ultimate adventure without compromising comfort and style or sacrificing travel dreams for work.”

The motorhome has Mercedes’ 2.0-litre four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine that is a latest design that has lighter weight, more power and up to 31 per cent better fuel efficiency than the previous models.

This is mated to a nine-speed Mercedes gearbox and an all-wheel drive system that has a 50:50 power split between front and rear axles to ensure safety and off-road performance.

The RV also has adaptive cruise control, lane assist, 360-degree surround cameras, a 10.5-inch touchscreen console and BFG All Terrain tyres ensure cruising ease and comfort.

Construction of the motorhome is a lightweight composite along with alloy, stainless and recycled PET which, along with sustainable bamboo for items such as the drawer fascias, shows the manufacturers adherence to sustainable materials.

It has an interior design that reduces clutter and a full-size double bed that retracts into the roof to save space. There are also window-lined walls for light, airflow and breathtaking views.

Power comes from sources including a 48-volt EcoFlow power hub with integrated plug-and-play functionality which claims to have the lowest weight-to-power ratio of any model available to keep the home charged up longer. The lithium batteries are powered by an upgraded alternator, solar and AC.

There are also dual kitchens (indoor and outdoor) with hot (heated by diesel) and cold water (196-litre water capacity) and a full-size shower cubicle with composting toilet.

The Kimberley Kruiswagen costs from $189,063 and is available from KK dealers.

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